Gostišče Taverna


Svetinje 21
2259 Ivanjkovci



L'avis de Gault&Millau

Taverna convinces its guests with honest hospitality and domesticity, also thanks to its furniture that is made of old barrels and presses that were once used for making wine. The view from the hill that overlooks the green hills and surrounding vineyards is idyllic, and on sunny days you will be in no hurry to leave the terrace. Just be sure you make a reservation before arrival, or you might be left without a table. When you arrive, the table will be full of delicacies from Prlekija. For starters, the delicious meat from tünka, juicy ham, homemade sausage, cracklings and sinfully delicious white bacon jam that you spread on dark bread. Pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin seeds are indispensable here, therefore they enrich many dishes, even fresh young cheese. Slowly cooked beef soup with noodles warms the belly nicely and prepares it for a journey through the culinary tradition of this region. Postržjača is an old dish from Prlekija, a sort of pogača bread that also should not be missed. A piece of this postržjača bread with cracklings, a glass of exquisite wine and good company is all one needs for a perfect day. In Taverna, they offer exceptional Kupljen wines, so the top-notch wine accompaniment is guaranteed. Generous eaters who in addition to traditional dishes also crave modern ones will also be satisfied here. You can namely choose dry aged beef, deer steak, vineyard snails, and they also bravely conquer the sea world with grilled squid, bass, and common sole. In the end let's go back to tradition and juicy gibanica from Prlekija – each bite of its rich layers of cheese filling keeps calling for more.

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