Gostilna Vovko


Ratež 48
8321 Brusnice


+386 7 308 56 03


  • Manca Vovko, Chef

L'avis de Gault&Millau

Gostilna Vovko favours the cuisine of Dolenjska region. Their motto is fresh, local, seasonal and honest. Chef Manca Vovko is the boss behind the stove, and we were able to make sure that they strictly stick to their motto and bring it to every plate. The smoked trout tartare with trout caviar, horse radish and pumpkin seed oil mayonnaise awakens the taste buds with its freshness, so it comes as no surprise that this is their most popular appetiser. For some people, the world stops at their beef soup, which is quite strong and homemade, just as it is supposed to be. You should not, however, under no circumstances miss their seasonal soups. In the spring they serve a heavenly wild garlic soup in which you will find a piece of ravioli with smoked trout stuffing and a single thin slice of horseradish. One of their classics is also lamb, both marinated and served cold as an appetiser, and baked in the form of the main dish. You can also try rabbit meat. Something very special is their homemade pasta called trganci with freshwater crab. Those who swear by the classical dishes can enjoy the Vovko leg of veal that simply melts in your mouth, and wild boar leg with homemade štruklji. For the wine pairings, it is best to let the owner Rok Vovko take charge. With his excellent knowledge and exquisite feel, he will always hit home with the selection. He favours local winemakers, but the wine list nonetheless comprises more than 250 different wines. Those who wish to spend the night in this picturesque place will be as good as new after the breakfast. Reservations are mandatory!