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Mesec okusov Posavja

Gurmansko razvajanje vse od konca avgusta do začetka oktobra bo letos potekalo v Posavju. Od manjših butičnih dogodkov, vinskih večerov, pivskih festivalov do uličnih okusov in poletne glasbe.




Spectacular 8 - Hands Dinner at Alhambra Boutique Hotel

Four leading chefs will join forces for a unique Mid Summer Epicurean Extravaganza on 7 of August  at the luxurious Alhambra Boutique Hotel on Croatian Island of Lošinj, to create an unforgettable fine dining experience. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the evening will be 8 hands multi - course dinner, composed of sensational bites from each of the chefs, paired with great wines from Istria and Tuscany.


Why are excellent restaurants - excellent?

What all excellent restaurants have in common is that we feel good when we visit them. But every restaurant and every chef has a secret sauce and their own ways of achieving this feeling with their guests. We asked the chefs of Gault&Millau’s best restaurants to share a piece of their worlds.


What are the characteristics of the best POP place?

We all love great bars, pubs and restaurants with soul and character; ones we don’t have to talk about too much because everyone already knows them. Places for which you say; “Let’s meet there,” and everybody knows exactly what you mean. Wine bar Šuklje is definitely a place with such status, which is why no one wonders why it has been proclaimed as best POP place by Gault&Millau. It is a place for people who wish to enjoy a nice glass of wine, maybe have a snack and most of all, enjoy the company of great friends


Chef of the Future Luka Košir: “You just can’t stop at any moment”

Luka Košir from Grič restaurant has received the title of Chef of the Future by Gault&Millau 2021 and according to him, the award goes perfectly with his ambassador role where he represents Slovenia as a European gastronomic region.


Finding sweet dreams in the best patisserie

Grega Božičnik fell in love with desserts when he started making his own pancakes for breakfast in primary school, and later even sold them on stands and enriched his usual marmalade with nutella. This boy has become a wonderful pastry chef, living the sweet dream.


Respecting our roots and applauding to the Traditional Cuisine Chef

Mojca Trnovec from Gostilna Mihovec has been awarded with the title of Gault&Millau’s Traditional Cuisine Chef for the year 2021. She is a true personification of family tradition, classic homemade dishes, improved even more with a hint of modern freshness.


Talent, passion and devotion - Young Talent of the Year 2021

Leon Pintarič, Gault Millau’s Young Talent for the year 2021, comes from a family-owned Gostilna Rajh, where they have been preparing traditional Prekmurje dishes for five generations already.


The Love for People and Wine Shapes the Best Sommelier

How many times have you embarrassingly asked which wine goes best with your dish? And how many times did you find the wine list confusing because of the immense or small number of labels it offered? The help of a sommelier who knows what he’s doing would come in handy in all of these situations and one of these sommeliers is definitely Grega Repovž, whom Gault&Millau has awarded the title of Best Sommelier for the year 2021.


These are the best for 2021!

This year, in a slightly different way, we are proud to announce and present the best according to Gault&Millau Slovenia for the year 2021. Enjoy watching the video and congratulations to all the winners!


Srečno 2021!


Peci, ustvarjaj, uživaj s Kotányi

Kotányi, družinsko podjetje z avstrijsko tradicijo, svet oskrbuje s finimi zelišči in začimbami že od leta 1881. Danes jo vodi četrta generacija v družini, vse od začetka pa je imela ambicijo postati vodilna mednarodna znamka. Kar ji je tudi uspelo.


Working In The Hospitality Industry

Working int he hospitality industry is a job that demands a special kind of person. A person who understands the endless scale of this vocation, who is a good leader and a great organiser, socially intelligent, adaptable and persistent. One has to be born for this profession while at the same time having an incredible amount of know-how to work successfully.


Authentic, sustainable, local

Slovenia has 24 gastronomy regions with plenty of specialties so it is no wonder that it became a bright star in the sky of gastronomy and started to lure guests looking for authentic taste. The first step has been made, but keeping the authenticity and thinking about the future of sustainability is something that all regions should encourage.


Contemporary Culinary Influenced by Tradition

Many culinary experts say that Slovene cuisine is not only one - there are actually more than 40 of them, which shows its true diversity. This is a consequence of our geographical position because Slovenia is a typical border country with many influences of neighbours, prepared in original ways.


Razglasili smo najboljše v Sloveniji za 2020

Težko pričakovani vodnik Gault&Millau Slovenija 2020 je skorajda tu, a si nismo mogli kaj, da najboljših ne razglasimo še pred njegovim izidom.


Vabljeni na drugi Gault&Millau Znanje pod kapo!

Po zelo uspešnem in čudovite energije polnem predpoletnem premiernem Znanju pod kapo v jesen vstopamo z nadaljevanjem. Ponovno združujemo teoretična in praktična znanja vrhunskih chefov z novih znanj željnimi mladimi, bodočimi gostinci in natakarji, ki se zavedajo nujnosti celovitih znanj in veščin. Bodite z nami 21. oktobra v ljubljanskem Hotelu Slon.


Znanje pod kapo: Natakar ni kurir, ki dostavlja hrano!

Predpoletna mrzlica je že napadla; mladi, ki se šolajo za poklic v gostinstvu že pogledujejo po morski osvežitvi. V Gault&Millau Slovenija bi se jim z veseljem pridružili, a kaj, ko nas energija in nove ideje že vlečejo v jesen, ko se bomo ponovno zbrali na drugem dogodku Znanje pod kapo. Kaj vse smo pod kapo uspeli spraviti na prvem, smo se pogovarjali z direktorico Gault&MIllau Slovenija, Miro Šemić


Začenjamo z izobraževanji Gault&Millau Znanje pod kapo

V ponedeljek, 20. maja 2019, bo v Hotelu Slon v Ljubljani potekal prvi v seriji izobraževalnih dogodkov, s katerimi želimo mlade, ki šele vstopajo v gostinstvo, popeljati skozi čudovito celovitost gastronomskih doživetij. Dijaki in študenti gostinstva ter mladi kuharji, vabljeni k udeležbi!


»Sčasoma sem tudi sam nehal komplicirati«

Mnogi so ga že poskušali pospraviti v predal enega od kuharskih stilov, pa sam pravi, da se z nikomer od njih ne bi strinjal. Preprost, izredno mirne energije in pomirjujočih jasnih misli, chef leta 2019, Igor Jagodic, zase pravi, da enostavno rad kuha; rad sestavi jed in reče: uau, to je pa dobro.


Debic Products

A true help for every chef to create excellent dishes.


Gault&Millau in the Hands of New Owners

On Wednesday, January 9th, the owner and director of Gault&Millau announced that he is handing the yellow guide into the hands of new owner and investor.


Happy Holidays!

The Gault&Millau Slovenia wishes you a peaceful and merry time.


G&M guide is the perfect gift!

There is no nicer gift than the Gault&Millau Slovenia guide for 2019 - with it, you will celebrate through the whole year, trying out new restaurants, wineries, pop places and craft breweries! The ideas are almost endless... right until next year ;)


Chef of the Year 2019

The title Chef of the Year was awarded to chef Igor Jagodic from Ljubljana's Strelec restaurant.


Best Restaurant - Gostilna Pri Lojzetu

One of two best restaurants according to Gault&Millau Slovenia is Gostilna Pri Lojzetu.


David Vračko is Chef of the Future

Gault&Millau Slovenia has named David Vračko Chef of the Future.


Traditional Cuisine Chef of 2019 - Meta Repovž

The award for 2019 Traditional Cuisine Chef was presented to Meta Repovž.


Young Talent of 2019 is Mojmir Marko Šiftar

The 26-year old Mojmir Marko Šiftar from Evergreen restaurant became the Young Talent of 2019.


Contribution to the Progress of Slovenian Contemporary Cuisine - Janez Bratovž

The award for Contribution to the Progress of Slovenian Contemporary Cuisine was presented to chef Janez Bratovž.


Odprta kuhna is best POP

Odprta kuhna is the most popular place according to Gault&Millau Slovenia.


A special trophy for Best Service went to Matic Šubic

Because we want to raise the reputation of the profession of waiters, we have decided to give out a very special prize - Best Service 2019 went into the hands of Matic Šubic.


Best restaurant - Hiša Franko

One of two best restaurants according to Gault&Millau Slovenia is Hiša Franko.


Gala Event Gault&Millau Slovenia

On November 20th, the first Slovene Gault&Millau guide was published and with it, we bowed to the amazing culinary offer of Slovenia.



At the gala event for the publication of Gault&Millau Slovenia, 9 awards were presented.


»Velikokrat si pomagam prav z vodnikom Gault&Millau Slovenija«

Slovenska turistična organizacija (STO) je glavni partner Gault&Millau Slovenija. Naša skupna prizadevanja pri izpostavljanju slovenske gastronomske ponudbe presegajo zgolj željo po predstavitvi, temveč tudi ambicijo po zviševanju standardov ter motiviranju mladih za vse gostinske poklice. O tem, kako pomemben je vodnik Gault&Millau Slovenija, smo se pogovarjali z direktorico STO, mag. Majo Pak.


New Gault&Millau Croatia Guide 2019

On Tuesday, March 5th 2019, Gault&Millau Croatia launched their second yellow guide at their gala ceremony in the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel.