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History, modern present, focus on the future. All of this describes this excellent restaurant that was named after the great Slovene, Janez Vajkard Valvazor, whose birth house is right across the street. The carefully chosen interior design is very cosmopolitan, which also describes their contemporary, creative dishes. Along with the daily and à la carte offer, they prepare 4-course tasting menus with meat or fish, chef’s greetings and delicious house sorbet for 40 euros. A perfect gourmet experience, however, is their 6-course surprise menu that the chef chooses himself. The name already suggests that the disassembled beef tartare is not a classic one – excellent aged beef, soft creamy butter, herb spread with beef stock and pickled vegetables are arranged on the plate in such a way that you can combine them or spread them on some crunchy bread with a few drops of olive oil, salt and pepper. The lamb chops with chef’s herbs are perfectly done with a crispy skin, succulent and delicious with just the right amount of fat that melts in your mouth. The meat was soft and wonderfully seasoned and served with potato gateau, meat stock and a glass of Slovenian wine – a perfect gourmet experience. Their wine list is long and carefully chosen; the service is professional and friendly.


Stari trg7
1000 Ljubljana


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Monday  12:00 - 23:00
Tuesday  12:00 - 23:00
Wednesday  12:00 - 23:00
Thursday  12:00 - 23:00
Friday  12:00 - 23:00
Saturday  12:00 - 23:00

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13 / 20


Gornji trg 28, 1000 Ljubljana


Sestrski restavraciji Špajza in Sorbara bosta odslej pod eno streho, saj je Sorbara razgled na Ljubljanico zamenjala za romantično hišo na Gornjem trgu. Mi smo obiskali še vsako posebej, odslej pa bo njuna ponudba na enem mestu. Špajza s svojim jedilnikom stavi na preizkušene jedi, a jih nadgradi, da so všeč tako turistom kot stalnim lokalnim gostom. To ni restavracija, kamor boste odšli na preizkušanje novih, drznih kombinacij okusov ali na obsežne degustacijske menije. Je restavracija, kamor boste odšli na sproščeno mediteransko obar - vano kosilo ali večerjo in kjer se boste dobro počutili in dobro jedli. In se vrnili. Zdaj bodo k njim zahajali tudi tisti, ki prisegajo na Sorbarin zaščitni znak – nesporni vladar jedilnika je namreč meso. Začne se s tatarskim biftkom, ki je pripravljen iz ameriške ali slovenske govedine. Slednja je suho zorjena, kar da mesu še intenzivnejši okus. Postrežen z maslom, v katero so vmešali omako miso, je bil odličen uvod v res - nejše mesne krožnike. Sorbara ponuja govedino iz ZDA, Avstralije in Slovenije (to tudi sami suho zorijo). Privoščite si lahko celo znamenito japonsko govedino wagyu. Nad ameriškim in avstralskim bržolnim steakom smo bili navdušeni: kot maslo mehko meso, perfektno pe - čeno, na krožniku brez kakršnihkoli nepotrebnih dodatkov, le ščepec grobozrnate soli in nekaj kapljic odličnega oljčnega olja.

Vander Urbani Resort
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12 / 20

Vander Urbani Resort

Krojaška ulica 6–8, 1000 Ljubljana

Vander is a designer hotel and its restaurant is designer, too. Brick arches of the old building and thick walls are a wonderful basis for modern elements and together they form the perfect environment for a light lunch or relaxing dinner. Start with some drinks: they have a big bar full of carefully chosen rums, cognacs and whiskies, cocktails and so many different forms of gin and tonic. Their long wine list also includes many champagnes and sparkling wines, so the meal introduction will definitely be a pleasant one. No matter which dish you choose, you can be sure that it will look good and it won’t be too heavy on your wallet either; we paid 25 euros for three plates. The chicken pâté is placed on delicious onion marmalade with black truffles, flower blossoms and red coral on the side. Their autumn pasta included a dandelion pesto spoon dumpling, tomato, precisely cut tomato cubes and vegetables which added some colour and replenished the autumn idyll. The dessert – Pavlova cake with seasonal fruit – was stunning as well. The ring consisted of tiny heaps of meringue with whipped cream, enriched with mascarpone and lemon zest. Instead of classic strawberries, Vander chefs have added fresh figs, red currant and lifted the flavours even more with some fruit sauce.

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14.5 / 20


Ribji trg 6, 1000 Ljubljana

If you want cold or warm tapas prepared in an innovative, Slovenian way, inspired by chef Jakob Pintar in the Old Town of Ljubljana, or maybe some excellent Slovenian meat from Biosing and cheese from Orešnik and Zidarich with fresh bread from Osem bakery, then TaBar is definitely the place for you. In the summer, it is wonderful to sit under the linden tree while sipping on a glass of incredible wine from their surprisingly rich offer of mostly eco and orange wines. The service is so friendly and professional that you will want to come back soon and get convinced why TaLunch is so popular (4 courses for 20 euros) and why it is worth trying chef’s tasting menu with 4 or 5 courses ( for 30 and 35 euros). We were amazed by the delicious aged beef steak, grilled with slices of fresh porcini mushrooms and served with potatoes (first cooked and then sautéed on butter to get a nice crispy crust). With a nice glass of Pinot Noir and you will want to stay here forever. In their deli with local and homemade products, you can buy wine, dry-aged Krškopolje pig lard and so much more.