Turistična kmetija Arkade Cigoj

Gault&Millau's review

Cigoj is a model of a self-sufficient farm where the path from the field or the pasture to the table, or from the vineyard to the glass is something that is self-evident. They do not stir from the motto that both the menu and the wine list have to offer only what they produce or make themselves. They have also been using all parts of animals in their dishes before it became trendy. After three decades of running the tourist farm, the younger generation is taking on more and more responsibility at running the farm, the wine cellar and the restaurant. Experience, wisdom and tradition, knowledge and youthful energy are completely in sync in the Cigoj family. The first thing you hear under the arcades is a hearty greeting form the head of the family Jordan Cigoj and the laughter of his wife Silva. The next moment, there is a glass of their wine in your hand. We recommend Klarnica, Zelen or Malvasia. The latter is also available in macerated form. You will probably also take some of the wines from their wine cellar home with you. You will absolutely love their meat delicacies, they are all homemade, from prosciutto and lard to pancetta and sausage. They are mostly known for their delicacies from Mangalitsa, a domestic pig breed that digs in the dirt on the nearby pasture. There is always homemade bread and pâté on the table. When it comes to more serious plates, minestrones, homemade pasta, dishes from Angus beef and pork dishes are front and centre. They offer older, almost forgotten dishes, as well as lighter foods. Whatever they do, taste is what matters most here. A joy for the soul and the taste buds!


Črniče 91
5262 Črniče


+386 41 614 708

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