Špacapanova hiša


Komen 85
6223 Komen


+386 30 226 390


  • Ago Špacapan, Chef

L'avis de Gault&Millau

It is nice to see old village restaurants and even nicer to see that new generations keep the traditions of their parents and grandparents even though the work they do is difficult. One of the best things to see, though, is the way these younger generations stare into the future with their cuisine but still stay true to the past and local traditions, which represent the foundation of their creations. This is exactly what they do at Špacapanova hiša. They modernise traditional Karst culinary, but not with unnecessary foams and purées. They take their time to prepare dishes the way they should be prepared. They are surrounded by local producers with the same philosophy, so they get their flour, excellent dairy products and wines from neighbours. They breed Krškopolje pigs, make sure they eat right and then produce unforgettable meat products. No rush and no compromise, which is also their style of cooking. No matter if you choose one of their tasting menus or à la carte, the start will be the same. What they call table setting is actually a variety of snacks that compete with each other in creativity and deliciousness. If you are a fan of Pata Negra or San Daniele, you will have to rethink your prosciutto preferences after tasting the one at Špacapanova hiša, because it will be the best prosciutto you have ever tried. However, meat isn’t the only way the chef presents himself: the pasta is homemade and the sauces are seasonal, which will become apparent because the waiters will walk past the tables to pick some fresh herbs from the garden. When you combine local ingredients, creative combinations of flavour and cooking techniques of the new generation in Špacapan’s kitchen, you get a culinary adventure which you will never forget!

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