Sophia Kempinski Palace


Obala 45
6320 Portoroz


+386 5 692 70 00


  • Marjo Povšnar, Chef

L'avis de Gault&Millau

The Kempinski hotel has everything that a traditional grand hotel has to have. It is situated by the sea, the imposing old building of the old Hotel Palace is well preserved, nicely refurbished, and updated with a modern addition. The service it provides is on a very high level. It also has a prestigious restaurant, named after Sophia Loren, Italian diva who stayed at hotel Palace a couple of times. The atmosphere of the restaurant's dining hall is very traditional, just like in the rest of the hotel. The menus in hotel restaurants are usually either predictable and unexcitingly ordinary, or totally avant-garde. Sophia decided to do something in between the two, which works very well for them. The menu is such that everyone can find something to their liking – goose liver, raw shrimp, or mixed salad for cold appetiser, two kinds of soup and four kinds of pasta for warm appetiser, meat or fish for the main course, and lots of chocolate in desserts. But each of these dishes is skilfully upgraded by the chef, who adds special accompanying ingredients to them. They frequently surprise guests with the combinations of different tastes and enchant them with cooking methods used to prepare a dish. Tunisian brik is accompanied by “burrata” made of sour cream, one of the soups is made of persimmon (with added vanilla, ginger, and spicy prawns), the Kvarner shrimp are prepared in sous-vide, and the chocolate hides in four “rocks” that surprise the eater with their taste. No matter if you will pick the dishes from the menu, or choose one of the tasting menus (85 euros for six courses or 65 for four courses), the meal will be a pleasant and tasty experience – in a place that looks into the past, but with plates that see into the future.

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