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Restavracija Kodila

L'avis de Gault&Millau

You will eat like a king at the king of meats. Kodila namely bets on quality only. You have to stop at their ham-maker, deli and restaurant if you ever visit these places. But beware – the introduction is quite generous – sinfully delicious cracklings, lard from Magalitsa, cooked ham and Prekmurje ham, cold cut terrine with pumpkin seeds, oil and onions … But this is only the beginning. Fried brain deliciously filled our bellies and reminded us of childhood. Pure perfection! We shared a plate of rich tripe and delicious bograč because we wanted to try as many delicacies as possible, and we could not leave the table without having at least a couple of bites of bujta repa, blood sausage and bratwurst. This is Prekmurje! Traditional flavours are lifted to a whole new level with the selection of top-quality pieces of meat. You will have a hard time choosing between baked Mangalitsa fillet and dry aged beef. The meat that is baked to perfection will disappear from the plates. Juicy bites will be accompanied by dödöli and stewed vegetables. Even the greatest of eaters will beg for a break with a glass of herb infused spirits to gather their strengths before taking on a beef ribeye or t-bone steak. You almost don't need a knife, the meat is namely so soft it melts in your mouth, and so does the creamy polenta. Together with the accompaniment of the wines from the Prekmurje or Štajerska region this becomes a symphony of flavours! The desserts are also well worth the sin, but because we already had to loosen our belts at the table, we took retaš and the filling gibanica home with us.


Markiševci 44
9000 Murska Sobota


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  • Sukič Daniel,  Chef
  • Lačen Boštjan,  Chef


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