Restavracija in kavarna Sedem

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Sedem restaurant is the perfect example of what a good restaurant should look like and how it should work. In this school restaurant, students learn about enogastronomic postulates in practice – what is the best, what are the things that charm every guest and how to make those things impeccable. They pay attention to each and every little detail, from the details on your table to exemplary behaviour. You can see the incredible skill and focus of the chefs through glass walls. We ordered almost everything that was on the menu that day and enjoyed these simple but very delicious dishes. The beef soup with soft dumplings was lovely and so was the sweet-and-milky potato soup. The beef from the soup was then served with mashed potatoes and spinach – soft, gentle and flavourful like nowhere else. The goulash with sauerkraut had just the right amount of spice and served as a healing meal after a great wine tasting. In the wide range of hefty dishes, we thought that seafood would be too gentle so we rather chose the wonderfully crispy veal back with a pumpkin roll. Aesthetically served, wonderfully prepared and perfectly paired with wine by their house sommelier. The conclusion was unanimous – we are definitely coming back here.


Cafova ulica 7
2000 Maribor


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Monday  11:00 - 17:00
Tuesday  11:00 - 17:00
Wednesday  11:00 - 17:00
Thursday  11:00 - 23:00
Friday  11:00 - 23:00
Saturday  11:00 - 23:00

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14 / 20


Gosposka ulica 8, 2000 Maribor


A lovely gourmet stop in the centre of Maribor with an excellent wine list that offers a wide, rich choice of Slovenian and foreign wines as well as sparkling wines. The elegant ambiance and lively terrace are a perfect spot to enjoy your day or evening with a topnotch culinary offer. From the land or the sea, all of their dishes are made with ingredients of the highest quality. Shrimp, octopus, tuna, freshwater fish, different soups like the velvety pumpkin soup or rich mushroom soup that enchants with a mixture of fresh mushrooms from Pohorje. Their risottos and pasta are always inviting, especially in the autumn: you absolutely must try the creamy, delicious spelt risotto with chestnuts, pumpkin and some nice freshness added by the goat cheese. They serve chicken breast with the incredible taste of parmesan cheese and dried tomatoes. You can choose different sides when deciding for the fantastic piglet or the beef that has been aged for about four weeks. The ones with a sweet tooth will definitely enjoy their chocolate soufflé, cakes, fruit rolls, ice cream with excellent pumpkin seed oil, etc. We wouldn’t describe it as a daring culinary experience that will challenge all your senses – they do not walk the line, however, they do offer wonderful and delicious dishes that put a smile on every foodie’s face.

Restavracija Mak
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17 / 20

Restavracija Mak

Osojnikova ulica 20, 2000 Maribor


When you decide to have lunch or dinner at Mak, you indulge in their offer and patiently wait for the curtains to rise and the show for your taste buds with infinite surprises and masterfully prepared combinations to begin. The many fresh bread sorts are truly enchanting and the intro - duction consists of several courses of small bites, each one creating an even stronger wish for more. Will it be a savoury macaron with pâté, a crispy roll filled with mousse, homemade grissini with lard, ham? A little ball made with pieces of toasted bread, filled with veal and covered with a slice of juicy beef and Asian mayonnaise is magnificent. We could eat this refined creation, full of softness, succulence and crunchiness every day. But the culinary show goes on, this time the star is guineafowl, which is rarely found in restaurants. A leg for two bites or a bigger piece, surrounded with vegetables, a velvety cream and aromatic foam. Soup lovers will be amazed at the delicious apple soup with a strong taste of smoked eel. Pink veal, beef, tasty lamb, fish or squid – everything is an amazing adventure in this wonderful land. You will lose track of time, especially if you visit their cellar with great music coming from the gramophone and a glass of wine in your hand. The chef does not offer a menu, because he prepares new adventures every day, the only thing you have to do is choose the number of dishes on the tasting menu (ranging from 46 to 81 euros) – depending on how much time you have.

Pri treh ribnikih
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13 / 20

Pri treh ribnikih

Ribniška 9, 2000 Maribor

In the green oasis of the city’s park, by the three ponds after which it was named, the oldest restaurant in Maribor is located. Let a walk around the park be an introduction to some relaxed pampering accompanied by a nice glass of wine, a cheese and meat platter, freshly baked bread and excellent pumpkin seed oil. The beef tartare will satisfy the hunger of the most demanding foodies. A young team of chefs prepares traditional dishes in a new, contemporary way. The plates are colourful, creative – we paid 30 euros for three of them. Along with great pieces of meat or fish – we recommend the wonderful zander fillet – they will add vegetable and other side dishes, prepared in different ways. Crunch in your mouth, melting ingredients on your tongue and you will always try to find out what the decorative dust or colourful oil is made of. Fans of meat will also love the Wienerschnitzel, a slowly roasted veal leg, roasted potatoes, pork fillet, cheeks and a slightly smoked, wonderfully prepared beef tenderloin. When you arrive to the desserts, their Charlotte cake is a must, although you should also try the puffy Pohorje omelette if you want to remember the good old days. Hint: order it when you’re still enjoying the main course, because they need about half an hour to prepare it. Along with all these contemporary and nostalgic flavours, they will also offer a nice choice of wines, mainly by winemakers from Štajerska.