Oštarija Herbelier


Sokolski trg 2
8350 Dolenjske Toplice


+386 51 262 990


  • Robert Gregorčič, Chef

L'avis de Gault&Millau

If you want to get to know the Dolenjska region, the richness of its fields, meadows, and forests, try the products of the hardworking farmers and winemakers you should visit Oštarija Herbelier. They will present to you the jewels of this region and their suppliers on very creative plates. They are also always ready to make tasty and attractive dishes for vegetarians. Herbs and flowers are not just for decoration here, the owners offer herbs on every corner. Colourful homemade bread is a great base for the delicious beef or lentil pâté, also for the wonderful bacon served with zucchini from the neighbouring farm and zucchini mash. Everything they make has its story, from the simple bean soup with which they bow to the tradition and which seduces with its full flavour, to more complex dishes. White bean purée adds sweetness to the fermented kohlrabi, crushed nuts add crunch, radish freshness, and fried sage adds the wonderful aroma. An exquisite dish! Also great are the earthly flavours of the buckwheat couscous with porcini mushrooms, string beans and beef tongue, or the seductive cottage cheese pasta with smoked catfish in nettle sauce. The pink roast beef accompanied by yellow carrots of different textures and shapes and kale pudding is the climax of the culinary indulgence. For the finale of the culinary show, you should choose the selection of cheeses from the local cheesemaker. The wine list is diverse and everyone can find something they like. We recommend the wines from the Dolenjska region. But Oštarija Herbelier is not just a restaurant and a boutique hotel, it also offers several experiences, from exploring the untouched nature to sports activities. They say all your senses will come alive here, even the sixth one.