Hiša Krasna

Gault&Millau's review

Hiša Krasna houses a boutique hotel and a wonderful restaurant. But Hiša Krasna is so much more; through its story, vision and offer, you will fall in love with Karst and experience it in all of its mystique and authenticity. Because of their hospitality, love and good energy that flows around this Karst homestead, you will be able to quickly fill your batteries and if you decide to stay there for a few days, you will reset completely. To be able to achieve this rebirth, you will, of course, need to eat well too. The village has always been famous for its prosciutto production and good restaurants, but wife and husband Škibin wanted to offer something more: delicious, pristine food. Dajana Budak Škibin comes from Istria and her husband Boris from Karst, which is why the menu is a combination of Istrian and Karst dishes. A meal in their dining room or in the romantic courtyard will definitely stay in your memory. The plates consist of fresh, homemade ingredients that are presented in a new, innovative way. Even though they respect tradition, they focus on the future, which is why their delicious dishes are presented in a modern way. The gazpacho offers a lovely cooling down in hot summer evenings, tasty ravioli with homegrown herbs are amazing and the beef cheeks or piglet simply melt in your mouth. Wine tasting in a cellar, dug into Karst stone is a truly unique experience, too.


Lokev 78
6219 Lokev


+386 40 214 226

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