Gostišče Grič


Šentjošt nad Horjulom 24D


+386 41 256 990


  • Luka Košir, Chef

L'avis de Gault&Millau

If we had to describe owner and chef Luka Košir in two words, we would use bravery and creativity. It wasn’t easy to leave his job in a famous restaurant and open a restaurant in his parents’ pizzeria that serves daring, unusual and creative dishes. Everything they serve is from the family field, orchard, ecological duck farm or friends who are breeders, hunters and cheesemakers from the nearby hills. Chef adores old and modern ways of preserving food so he loves to dry age, smoke the ducks, ferment ecological ingredients and pickle vegetables and wild plants in homemade apple vinegar and honey. He pampers his guests with menus that consist of 3, 5 or 10 courses. It is hard to predict what you will get upon arrival: from the sea, it can be anything from striped red mullet, shrimp, hake or tuna. Krškopolje pig, the delicious autochthonous Slovenian pig will always find a way on your plate, the question is only, which part: Luka is namely an advocate for no-waste cooking so maybe he will prepare bacon, che - eks, tongue or any other part. He often finds inspiration for a creative dish in the meat of deer, stag, beef and goose. Each dish has its own aesthetic, its special details and is also served on a different plate. The flavours explode in your mouth with amazing mixtures of sweet, salty and sour, creamy and crunchy. You will happily be a passenger at Luka’s rocketship through culinary space