Gostilna Za gradom

L'avis de Gault&Millau

There once was a castle and in it … Darko Rodica, a passionate storyteller. This is how a fairy-tale would begin, but the fact is that Rodica is still king of Gostilna za gradom. In his kingdom, you will not receive a classic menu – you will simply have to trust the owner and enjoy yourself. He will offer you whatever his fellow fishermen have caught, together with fresh vegetables from the market and his own herbal garden. The fresh octopus comes from the island Pag and the delicious scampi and scallops from Opatija while the wild amberjack was still swimming around Rab yesterday. With a few drops of olive oil and a pinch of fleur de sel, true flavours of the sea come forward. Because the owner is an artistic soul, the big sea spider will be served in its own shell together with carrots marinated in ginger, a drop of reduced homegrown tomato and for some visual presentation, with the help of a “secret” herb in the style of the 60’s, they enchant some smoke. The show is phenomenal and the crab is simply divine. The raw Adriatic scampi are firm, deliciously sweet and once you bite into the amberjack in a sweet pea sauce with mint, roasted potatoes and herbal crumble, you will feel the true beat of the sea. Real gourmets may even find sea urchins on the menu from time to time. Even the sweet finale, seasonal fig cake, justifies royal pampering.


Kraljeva ulica 10
6000 Koper


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  • Darko Rodica,  Chef


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