Gostilna Trost


Rodik 97
6240 Kozina



L'avis de Gault&Millau

Gostilna Trost is another great Karst restaurant that sees many visitors from across the border due to great quality dishes. The ambience is simple, just like Trost's food. But don't be fooled – simplicity has no negative connotation here. It means that they bet on the thing every restaurant should focus on – great ingredients. They come from the sea, which becomes evident by looking at the table. The head of the restaurant will kindly list everything they have to offer that day. The chef makes only slight changes to the food, just enough to transform a great ingredient into a great dish. We had some simple yet wonderful dishes here. The anchovies were decent: tasty fish with just enough fat, flawlessly cleaned and dipped into a well-balanced marinade. Add lemon and some olive oil and the dish is ready. You realise that you've had this dish many times before in many different places but it was rarely as good as here. Trost's calamari are also something that tourist restaurants should look up to. Many of these restaurants namely serve the Adriatic squid that only came close to the Adriatic sea while on the boat with which they were brought here from Argentina. The ones we had at Trost's were only lightly dipped in flour, then fried in such way that they became crispy, but not even slightly oily. It is true that this sounds very simple, but experience gained from visiting many restaurants show that is not the case. The sole was also baked to perfection and presented in a very minimalist way: besides the fish, there was nothing else on the plate, for the fish is king. You can take a nice trip just to visit Trost or stop by on your way to the seaside or back. It is very likely you will get a better tasting and cheaper seafood of better quality here than on the coast.