Gostilna Ravbar


Dol pri Vogljah 5
6221 Dutovlje



  • Ivan Ravbar, Chef

L'avis de Gault&Millau

This family restaurant is where you will feel the pristine Karst and grow fond of its colours, smells and flavours. Their tradition reaches way back into the year 1888 and they still manage to connect all of their love and passion for traditional, seasonal and local into truly harmonic Karst dishes. They have no menu because they only offer what is fresh that day. In the summer, they will pamper you on the lovely terrace and in the winter, you will be safe from the cold, rain and strong bora in their nicely decorated dining rooms. If you need some more romance, we recommend choosing a table near the fireplace. When you visit Karst, it is appropriate to get a nice plate of homemade prosciutto, dried salami and a glass of Teran. This is followed by an obligatory plate of pasta – a choice of warm starters that warm your heart and stomach. Gentle, delicious gnocchi are accompanied by fresh porcini mushrooms or tuber, homemade cannelloni are wonderful in their sauce with Teran, cheese and spinach and the ravioli taste amazing with a fantastic pancetta sauce. Lovers of meat will adore the main dishes – the legendary veal roast, lamb from the oven, a gourmet grilled beef steak or deer medallion – your taste buds will start cheering for more. You shouldn’t skip the sweet finale either: a fragrant, crispy plum strudel with a glass of Teran liqueur will perfectly sum up your Karst experience. We paid 30 euros for three plates.