Gostilna Rakar


Gorenje Ponikve 8
8210 Trebnje


+386 7 346 61 90


  • Boštjan Rakar, Chef

L'avis de Gault&Millau

What does a restaurant where the owner, chef, and sommelier are one and the same person look like? You can get the answer here, at Gostilna Rakar. It is not situated in a big city, or in a place that is interesting for tourists, but the family managed to put together a place that could easily be called a high end restaurant, which has many regulars both from Slovenia and abroad. Most impressive is the Rakar wine cellar. It is clear that Boštjan Rakar did not make the wine list only for profit, but also with passion. More than 500 labels, fine wines from all over the world, carefully chosen delicacies that will be hard to find elsewhere. When the sommelier moves to the kitchen and joins his wines with food, the Rakar menu is born. It is true that you can sit on the beautiful terrace in front of the restaurant with a plate of fried calamari, Wienerschnitzel and a glass of Cviček wine, but if you order the tasting menu, you will get a selection of dishes that are a combination of local culinary tradition and ingredients as well as chef's modern ideas. We were blown away by the appetiser: home baked brioche with fried crispy pig skin on top, filled with sauerkraut, a dash of horseradish for spiciness, and a slice of chuck steak – a new age sandwich from the Dolenjska region, but for gourmets. Fresh chanterelle mushrooms were sautéed quickly, then the chef enriched their flavour with aged cheese cream. The dessert trio was more traditional, but not without some very effective boosts. The gentle addition of rosemary made sure the cheesecake was not only good, but also interesting.