Gostilna Čubr


Križ 53
1218 Komenda


+386 1 834 11 15


  • Anita Potočnik, Chef
  • Luka Potočnik, Chef

L'avis de Gault&Millau

Tradition is an unnoticed bond with our ancestors and when the younger generation takes over a family restaurant, they add their own style to that tradition. They write new stories and make new recipes, which will go on to the next generation. Čubr offers some old dishes which lured the first guests into the restaurant, but the new generation also makes fresh, exciting dishes. It is obvious that culinary talent runs in the family, which was upgraded by the young chef with knowledge and education. Nothing can compete with their homemade bread and because it is so difficult to resist, the rich bread basket travels from table to table all the time. They are also famous for excellent lamb and veal roast, however their offer from the river and the sea is also very impressive. They change their dishes according to each season. Chanterelles with eggs and potatoes is a dish you absolutely must try: so simple yet so incredibly delicious. Another classic that has been raised to the highest level: roasted liver convinced us with their milkiness, without any bitterness – they just melted in the mouth. They also make great desserts, especially cheesecake with berries that is made with homemade cottage cheese. They do not have a wine list, but the owner will choose the perfect pairing for your dish and you can trust him one hundred percent. If you want, they will even show you their cellar.

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