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8000 Novo mesto



L'avis de Gault&Millau

In Situla, chef Damjan Fink combined modern and traditional, worldly and local. Under the old arches, you can enjoy the comfort of the modern restaurant with a big bar, behind witch the Japanese chef Yoshi calmly prepares sushi rolls and nigiri bites, marinates the chicken in teriyaki sauce and is frying fresh prawns and vegetables in light tempura. The fish is really fresh. Chef Fink has special suppliers that call him from the open sea and let him know what got caught in their nets, so he can wait for them at the shore and takes over his precious cargo that he will use to pamper his guests. Alongside the vast variety of sea goods, Fink’s plates also offer duck meat, beef, chicken … all the best meats from animals raised on farms from the neighbouring villages. Seasons have a major impact on the menu. In the spring, Yoshi's ramen soup will be joined by the wild garlic or asparagus soup, in the summer it will be spinach soup, in the autumn pumpkin. Duck breast is prepared cold or crunchily hot, beef filet with prosciutto is baked to perfection, you can also enjoy their gluten free wild garlic rolls, called štruklji, or green pockets filled with buckwheat and mushrooms with the side of spinach sauce. You can leave the wine selection in the hands of their wonderful sommelier or choose something by yourself from the well-stacked wine cellar.

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