Letoviška 1
6320 Portoroz


+386 41 886 633


  • Filip Matjaž, Chef

L'avis de Gault&Millau

COB is not a classic restaurant we are used to. It is a place where stories are told. Because it is a very young restaurant, it only has one story to tell, and it is told in a shorter (seven course) or longer (15 course) version. The design of the restaurant follows their idols – Heston Blumenthal (chef Filip Matjaž learnt from him for a while), and Grant Achatz, whose restaurants Fat Duck and Alinea are well known to culinary enthusiasts around the world. The task they put upon themselves at COB is therefore everything but easy. It is praiseworthy that they only took the basic idea from their idols – to tell the guests a story through food, but they chose to write their own. In it, they tell of Istrian food, both the well-known dishes that can be found in numerous restaurants in the region, and the almost forgotten dishes that the restaurants, which focus mostly on tourists do not find interesting. It is also praiseworthy that the basis for this story-telling is great food. Everything else, like carefully chosen dishes, magic tricks with the menu, letting guests participate in cooking, … is something COB does differently from other restaurants. They transform a simple dinner into an experience. Because we wish not to spoil the surprise, we will not describe the dishes, but we do recommend that you choose the dessert even if you pick the shorter of their two stories. It is the dessert that COB received first prize for at the Sladka Istra contest. COB is most likely not a restaurant you will visit more than once (at least not before they write another story), but it is without a doubt a restaurant you must visit.

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