Spectacular 8 - Hands Dinner at Alhambra Boutique Hotel


Four leading chefs will join forces for a unique Mid Summer Epicurean Extravaganza on 7 of August at the luxurious Alhambra Boutique Hotel on Croatian Island of Lošinj, to create an unforgettable fine dining experience. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the evening will be 8 hands multi - course dinner, composed of sensational bites from each of the chefs, paired with great wines from Istria and Tuscany.


The Swiss based  chefs Stefan Heilemann from  The Widder Restaurant, Zurich (4 toques by Gault&Millau and 2 Michelin **), Sebastian Zier from Einstein Gourmet, St Gallen (4 Gault&Millau toques and 2 Michelin **)  and Christian Kuchler from Taverne zum Schafli, Wigoltingen (4 Gault&Millau toques, 2 Micheln **), together with their host, chef Michael Gollenz from Alfred Keller, Lošinj,(4 gault&Millau toques) are ready to create an unforgettable gourmet and lifestyle experience.

This exclusive event, limited  to 70 guests only, will begin at the Beach Club with Chef’s “Meet and Greet”. Caviar and oysters will be served at separate stations, accompanied by a Champagne Billecart Rosé  en Magnum. For the dinner each of the guest chefs will prepare his selection of six bites using an incredible range of  fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs and other mostly locally grown products. As announced, the multi - coursed dinner will be paired with wines from two family owned wineries:  Italian Frescobaldi,  and Croatian Benvenuti. The After Party will be held at the beautiful Čikat Bay, where  Alhambra Boutique Hotel is located. The guests will enjoy Chateau d’Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé 2000, a worldwide reference for Provence Rosé, and Gin Mare Capri,  premium Mediterranean gin, together with  1724 Tonic.

The news about  event at Alhambra Boutique Hotel has already attracted the attention of gourmets from many countries around Croatia. Known as the island of wellness, Lošinj is one of the most fascinating healing environments in  the world. Fresh sea, therapeutic plants, luxurious award winning hotel Alhambra, impeccable service and spectacular culinary symphony created by world’s top chefs, are more than good reason for the epicurean adventure.  Visiting Lošinj Island for such a magnificent experience is really worth of your flying, driving or sailing for a great weekend, and the gourmet event of the year, powered by Gault&Millau Croatia.





8-Hands Dinner Tasting Menu

Chefs Meet & Greet:  Champagne Billecart Rose` en Magnun Caviar & Oyster Station




Michael Gollenz


Alfred Keller, Lošinj

CastelGiocondo 2013, Frescobaldi, Italy
Teran Anno Domini Teran 2013, Benvenuti, Croatia

Scallop / Pineapple / Hazelnuts
Vitello Tonnato
Duck Chip / Soy / Cabbage
Goose Liver / Smoked Eel



Stefan Heilemann (Swiss Chef of the Year 2021 by Gault&Millau)


The Widder Restaurant, Zurich

Montesodi 2011, Frescobaldi, Italy
Teran Anno Domini 2011, Benvenuti, Croatia

Bao Bun
Ceviche / Passion Fruit / Sweet Potato
Onion Oyster Caviar
Black Angus Cannelloni
Scampi / Pak Choy / Tom Yam Gung
Scallops / Fennel / Kulen



Sebastian Zier


Einstein Gourmet, St Gallen

CastelGiocondo 2011, Frescobaldi, Italy
Teran Anno Domini 2011, Benvenuti, Croatia

Carabinero/ Tomato / Strawberry / Quinoa
Cous Cous /Saffron / Ratatouille / Zucchini
Hamachi / Basil /Cucumber/ Sorrel
Veal Porridge / Truffle / Celery /Parsley
Octopus /Chorizo /Corn / Olive
Tuna / Beans/ Paprika / Lemon



Christian Kuchler


Taverne zum Schafli, Wigoltingen

CastelGiocondo 2008, Frescobaldi, Italy
Teran Anno Domini 2008, Benvenuti, Croatia

Ravioli / Oxtail / Duck Liver
Turbot / Green Vegetable / Herbs
Red Mullet / Tomato / Bouillabaisse
Braised Beef / Consommé / Horse Radish
Beef Fillet / BBQ / Roast Beef with Onion
Cres Lamb / Gremolata / Parmigiano


Michael Gollenz - Alfred Keller, Lošinj

Strawberry / Basil / Skuta
Banana / Sesame / Grand Cru Chocolate
Cassis / Sour cream / White Chocolate


After Party

Château d’Esclans Whispering Angel Rose` 2020
Gin Mare Capri - 1724 Tonic