Gault&Millau in the Hands of New Owners


On Wednesday, January 9th, the owner and director of Gault&Millau announced that he is handing the yellow guide into the hands of new owner and investor.


Côme de Chérisey, the owner and director of the prestigious Gault&Millau brand for the last seven years, has announced new owner and president of the brand. The new owners are Jacques Bally and Vladislav Skvortsov who are planning to invest several million euros into the development of the brand and its digital progress around the world.

Côme de Chérisey has made incredible progress when it comes to the international fame and development of the yellow guide. He has brought back the values that the founders Henri Gault and Christian Millau were fighting for. He developed a Gault&Millau application which has millions of users from all around the world and he added a big number of countries into the Gault&Millau family (one of them also being Slovenia). 

The new president of Gault&Millau is now Jacques Bally and the new chief investor is Vladislav Skvortsov, a Russian entrepreneur. 

All of us from the Gault&Millau Slovenia team would like to truly thank Côme de Chérisey for his engagement and support. At the same time, we are welcoming and looking forward to working with the new owners of Gault&Millau.