Gala Event Gault&Millau Slovenia


On November 20th, the first Slovene Gault&Millau guide was published and with it, we bowed to the amazing culinary offer of Slovenia.


This was an important step for the Slovene culinary scene and tourism, because our country is becoming more and more established as a popular culinary destination.

At the event, the restaurants which were awarded 3 or 4 hats by the guide, presented their dishes, accompanied by wines from Slovenia's best wineries - we were able to taste the food of 27 excellent chefs and the wines of 21 impressive winemakers. Four hats were awarded to six restaurants and twenty-five restaurants can pride themselves with three hats. 

"I am so happy that Gault&Millau Slovenia has confirmed the excellence of Slovene gastronomy and showed that we have amazing wines that are one of the best in the world", said Mira Šemić, CEO of Gault&Millau Slovenia. 

The guests were also welcomed by Mr. Côme de Chérisey, owner and CEO of Gault&Millau, who congratulated all the chefs and winemakers. The great French chef Christian Le Squer, the winner of 5 hats and the highest Gault&Millau France points, was thrilled abput the creativity and quality of Slovenia's ingredients. One of the awards was presented by Mrs. Marina Cvetić, an incredible winemaker and owner of the world-famous winery Masciarelli Tenute Agricole in Abruzzo. However, Japanese chef Ippei Uemura, who owns a restaurant in Marseilles, got the most attention: he cut a 50-kilogram tuna fish in front of the guests and showed how different cutting techniques affect and accent the taste of tuna.